Generative AI

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Welcome to AI-powered government

The generative AI revolution has begun. This game-changing technology offers federal agencies exciting new ways to interact with data and create solutions that serve the mission. With the power to boost workforce efficiency, optimize service delivery, and accelerate innovation, generative AI will transform how government work gets done.

What can AI bring to your mission?

Our AI approach | Expert-in-the-loop

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Anyone can pull up ChatGPT and ask questions, but that approach will not stand up to scrutiny—and can put your mission at risk. To harness the full potential of generative AI, you need both reliable data and knowledgeable experts at the controls who know how to interact with the large language models in sophisticated ways.

We have the right people to help you know when, where, and how to get the most value out of generative AI. Our subject-matter experts across key federal domains are paired with data and AI practitioners to fine-tune AI prompts and carefully evaluate outputs to deliver trustworthy and effective solutions. And in a fraction of the time.


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Our generative AI services

Readiness and strategic vision

Are you ready for AI?

Establish a strategic vision and evaluate areas of generative AI opportunity across your enterprise.

Product strategy and use case development

Where should you apply generative AI?

How can you leverage AI to enhance your projects or programs? Apply rapid prototyping and human-centered design to develop high-impact use cases.

Training and change management

Do you have the ability to scale?

Build an AI-ready workforce and strengthen your organizational systems to make AI a force multiplier.

Risk and governance

How do you innovate responsibly?

Apply the appropriate guardrails to ensure trustworthy and accurate solutions.

Design and development

How will you deploy AI?

Move from proof-of-concept to full-scale implementation of generative AI solutions, creating highly personalized AI solutions that meet your specific mission needs.

Harnessing the power, but without the risk

While the power of this technology is revolutionary, it doesn’t come without challenges—such as data leakage, inaccurate outputs, and biased results. From the mundane to the monumental, we’re applying generative AI to change the game. By bridging the gap between the impossible and the achievable, we know when, where, and how to propel agency missions forward by standing up generative AI pilots, creating secure environments for safe experimentation, developing proofs-of concept, and launching programs that achieve results.